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Please stop this Twisted and CH drama

Some people may get offended by this post so for your own as well as my sanity, proceed with caution.

Can we please, for the love of Satan, stop the obsession with Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us and Ana Huang’s Twisted series!!!??

“Team Atlas or team Ryle?” “Twisted men give the best nicknames!”

A lot of people call their spouses and princess or sunshine or rainbow but jeez you people are going crazy. It Ends With Us is hit mainly because of the smut. There are so many mind-blowing books on domestic violence, rape, and women’s sufferings but why did this book trend? Because of its cliché storyline and smut. None of y’all would have helped a homeless guy like Atlas and I am pretty sure Ryle wouldn’t be as “understood” in real life. Idk why this hype is carrying on.

Reading four trending books and then never touching another one doesn’t make you a reader. Being irrationally obsessed over something so much that it distorts your thinking isn’t dreamy or cool.

Mild hype is fine. But now it is getting annoying. The hype is so much over the top that even their mention is irritating! It’s even more sad for me because I never hate on books. I may like or dislike something but I have never been bothered by any books or authors. This world doesn’t deserve any hate. It hurts to have people acting mindless in the book community. Please don’t spread the virus of crazy stanning in the world of books too 😦 Because ultimately it will lead to fan wars and we need to protect at least one thing from all of that toxicity.

Song of the day!!

Die For You by Grebbitz, Zedd & Valorant. Solid beats with vocals worth melting for.

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Educational establishments don’t give a shit

Honest tagline: “You don’t matter, your marks do”

One of the many things I hate about schools is that they care only about their reputation. An educational institution is meant to educate people. But they don’t take in people who don’t know much. They take people who are already on top of everything. It doesn’t make any sense. To keep the scoresheet, they forget the true motive behind the establishment.

The world works in a way that a person has to spend most of their first 20-25 years in educational institutes. It’s required that their safety is ensured. But is it? Yes on paper, no in reality. While all of them claim to help students going through tough time, stopping any misconduct or bullying, no one does anything. The authorities are of no use and the sooner a person realises this, the better. Barely any establishments take their students’ needs into account.

Mental health only exists till workshops. Why would they bother to take it into account? They want long scoresheets and that can only be achieved if they make the students give hundreds of exams. Not if they really think and device plans that include academics, sports and extra-curriculars in a practical manner. No. They need memory cards.

And then comes Montana with its absolutely degrading and horrendous bill of legalising bullying for trans kids. Absolutely disgusting.

Honestly this bill is screaming backwardness because of its idiocy. Why is it hard for people to call someone by the name they want to be called with? What y’all don’t have memory? Or y’all don’t have brains to understand the simple fact of MINDING YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS!? It is so infuriating that they think they can suppress people because they are scared to have open minds and reflect that they can’t change nature. If someone identifies as trans then they are trans and nothing can change that. If I identify as female then I am female! You do not get to dictate me over WHO I AM! KEEP YOUR FILTHY BRAINS & MOUTHS TO YOURSELF!

Song of the day!!

Ready For It? by Taylor Swift. I really like how the power packed vocals are incorporated with carefully produced music.

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Fire Rainbows


Did y’all know about fire rainbows?

This is what a normal rainbow looks like

And this is what a fire rainbow looks like

Fire rainbows are basically clouds that take in the color of rainbows. In the presence of certain temperature and other density conditions which I don’t want to cover because you can just google, these rainbows are formed.

They have this flame like appearance and that is why they are called fire rainbows. They are also called circumhorizontal arch because of their usual shape

I just found them so mystifying and beautiful and wanted to share with everyone. They’re lovely, aren’t they?

Song of the day!!

Cinderella Snapped by Jax. Feminism and empowerment expressed with a new theme of disney princesses realising their worth. Worth hearing at least once.

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Respect sex workers!

You don’t have the right to make any comments about anyone’s occupation.

I have been meaning to talk about this since quite some time. Why doesn’t the society respect sex workers? Why does the world look down on them?

“Because they use their body to get money”

So? Don’t we all?

“They don’t have any dignity and are useless otherwise”

It’s ridiculous man. All of us use different body parts to work.

And as for “dignity,” I think they are doing nature’s work. We are social animals with sexual desires. There is nothing wrong if they are charging for satisfying other humans in this capitalist world. It is what it is for everyone. Business. There is nothing wrong with earning good bucks.

Some may be forced and some may enjoy their job. Just like other professionals like engineers or dancers or psychiatrists. So you don’t really have any right to pass judgmental remarks like “you can do something else” before knowing the person.

If you think their job is “lowly” or “easy” where you have to do nothing but get laid, think of the beauty standards this world has. Imagine how much diet, exercise and training they must do to have a fit, attractive body. They have to take extra care of their health to make sure they are protected from any sort of diseases.

They have to fight through harassment more than you can imagine. See, people think that strippers and sex workers work because they want sex. No. Being in their presence doesn’t give you the license to harass them or demand any sort physical contact. Even after your deal. They can say no if they are not comfortable and you have to deal with it like any other thing. You don’t see a tailor and demand a new suit because it’s what they want, right? So keep it in your pants. Don’t even dare to use force.

Song of the day!!

One More Minute by Empire Cast, Yazz, Serayah & Chet Hanks. A sizzling track tbh with awesome vocal distribution.

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The newest generation needs to move

Physical fitness needs to be maintained

I have heard a lot about the unhealthy lifestyle of the new generation who are indulged too much in electronics, but I can’t agree on them unless I have seen them. I want to talk about some of my observations that kind of hurt knowing they are universally true.

Most of the kids in the newest generation don’t have any tolerance to physical pain. They do not do any physical activity and therefore, have extremely low stamina. Many of them can’t do basic sports like cycling. They find every sport difficult and can’t tolerate any kind of pain. Normal reactions like chest pain or limb ache after workouts seem so severe to them.

And honestly this is their caretaker’s fault, who need to stop making their kids addicted to screen. I am so glad I wasn’t born in this generation. School curriculum alone does not make a person fit, a routine needs to be there. Kids are drowning in books and screens and this needs to stop.

Song of the day!!

How by Ella Mai ft. Roddy Ricch. A hot track with groovy music and smooth vocals.

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13 Reasons Why: the Book & the Series

My views with no spoilers

Ok so I have been reading about this book called 13 REASONS WHY by Jay Asher. It is about a teen girl Hannah Baker who suicides and leaves behind 13 tapes, each listing a reason why she dies. In every tape, she mentions one person and how that person added oil to her burning life.

The book involves dual pov, of Hannah and of this guy who she liked and who liked her back but never got close, Clay Jensen. The book starts when Clay finds the tapes and Hannah’s pov comes only when she is narrating the tapes. Clay’s own insights and his reactions add depth to Hannah’s character. The tapes are delivered to only those who are mentioned in them and are one of the reason why Hannah dies. Now what did this admirer and friend do? I’m not gonna spoil, you read it on your own.

This book isn’t “I died because I got depressed by this one incident.” This is about how small things pile up to the point where one feels like on the brink of insanity and only prays for a break. It’s about how life can be so cruel that it takes away all that you have, slowly, one by one. It’s about looking at the bigger picture than revolving your whole life around petty issues and revenging people for them. And I think among the sea of “only big life events can affect someone,” this book is a crucial piece to understand that small things matter. Because they do. It’s important for humanity.

Do I love it? Yes.

Do I find it relatable? Maybe. I am a socially awkward person with barely any social life who loves being alone and not giving a fuck about anything while being highly depressed, anxious, and suicidal. So you can guess what parts I find relatable.

Anyways, so I was reading the author, Jay Asher’s interview with the cast of the adapted series and I just felt that I needed to watch it. See, the book has an open ending and I desperately needed to know further so yeah I am now binging the series.

The series isn’t the exact copy of the book, of course. I was shocked to find there are 4 seasons! The adaptation extends the plot to the aftermath and lives of all the people involved in Hannah’s tapes, which is not there in the book.

But I recommend reading the book before to feel its depth. Watching the series after won’t spoil the series, but reading the book after will surely take away the essence. Trust me.

Dallas by Josh A, Trippie Red, Chills & Chris King. A collab I never expected. I love how the parts were divided to showcase every artist’s talent.

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Kids aren’t props!

They are not meant for you to shoot and generate views!

With the growth of streaming industries and the introduction of easy ways to make heavy money, people have gone crazy. Among the millions of piles of cringe, we find parents shooting their kids.

Many prank their kids and many make their kids do certain stuff for videos. I genuinely hate such content. Celebrities post about their child like a news update and teach them the same. They involve their kids in views and promotions and encourage them to do the same.

I feel so bad for such kids. They grow up in an environment with little-to-no privacy and learn the same stuff. They would be so embarrassed when their classmates would mock how they pooped their pants once, which they saw on their mother’s vlog.

Exposing kids to fame destroys their privacy and innocence and ultimately ruins their childhood. I request content creators to not use their children as a prop to get views.

Song of the day!!

Cruel by Jackson Wang. I love the perfect establishment of harmony in this one.

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India criminalised same sex marriage

Someone is banning abortions, someone is banning same sex marriage. The world is evolving backwards.

So the Apex Court of India passed a judgement yesterday that has caused the whole country to be enraged. They criminalised same sex marriage.

After abolishing the Article 377 that criminalised same sex intercourse, they have penalised same sex marriage. What is this, bungee jumping?

A plea had been going on since long regarding this matter and yesterday the Supreme Court fucked it up. Although there is a next hearing in April, they are inclined towards this decision only as same sex marriage is “against the order of nature.”

They also banned transgender folks, gays, female sex workers, persons with multiple sex partners, and drug injectors from donating blood. This is what infuriates me the most. The court argued that it is for precautionary measure.

I can see the logic behind banning drug injectors, but others? No. Everyone is tested beforehand so why?!

The pleader argued that such exclusion based on one’s gender identity and sexual orientation is “completely arbitrary, unreasonable, and discriminatory and also unscientific.” Since the blood is tested for infectious diseases like AIDS/ HIV, Hepatitis C, and B; permanently excluding persons based on their sexual preference violates their right to equality. And I couldn’t agree more.

I genuinely have no idea why they are doing this. They took one step towards progress and now they have taken two steps backwards. I really thought things will start looking up for the community. I hope all the public protests and petitions come in play and reverse this decision. Fingers crossed.

Song of the day!!

Happier by Ridi. Awesome club beats with poetic lyrics and definitely-worked-hard vocals.

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