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People in ancient times were braver

I just had this realisation that Gods are Gods because people during their time weren’t scaredy cats.

It’ all about perception.

People will go nuts if they find someone with superpowers or shit now. But everything was fine then somehow. People praised such inhuman beings. But in today’s world they’d be called beasts.

What kind of discrimination is this!!!???

Song of the day!!

Fictional by Khloe Rose. Soft music and with depth drums and well toned vocals.

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Reading is a drug

A drug with no harm

One of the most confusing struggles I face as a reader is if I shall read a book.

If I start a book, it will keep swirling in my mind, preventing me from doing any work. But I need to read books to take my mind off of things. And I get withdrawals if I am away from books for long. Self control doesn’t exist when it comes to reading.

This becomes even harder if I have completed an unfinished book online and the author updates when I need to focus on work. I’m stuck contemplating if I shall read it because if I do, I will have to go through the same process of denial and grief over the fact that the book isn’t finished and I have to exist in suspense. No matter how much I read, no one has provided the remedy for this struggle 😔😔.

Song of the day!!

Life Goes On by Ed Sheeran ft. Luke Combs. A sad song with sweet, harmonious vocals.

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I love writing so much

I crave unpredictability and adventure. Writing is an adventure.

One thing that I adore about being a writer is that you can get inspiration and ideas anywhere, anytime. It is an exciting feeling to suddenly have a thought so wonderful pop in your head that it feels disrespecting to not formalise it.

Most of the time I get a mind blowing idea when I am least expecting it. For example during classes or sleeping. I barely let anyone access my registers’ back pages because they contain new ideas and at times logo designs for this website too. There have been countless occasions when I have woken up after drifting to sleep to note down a scene I wrote in my lucid dream. I have written a couple blogs while in washroom too. Not this one lol. But when something strikes, I need to write it down immediately or it’s gone, leaving nothing but grief over the loss of a spectacular idea.

I love writing so friggin’ much.

Song of the day!!

Salt Water by Ed Sheeran. A quiet, comforting track to rock gently to when alone.

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How I hang around kids

I’m quite good with kids so here are some of my observations in case someone needs.

Children are intriguing. One minute they are the most adorable cuties and the next they can be energy sucking rascals who won’t stop crying.

Personally I like kids, and I am good with them too.

Everyone asks me how I manage to get every kid to have fun, even the most cranky ones. From what I have observed, kids are fond of someone who is like minded and not forcing.

Just like you, an adult, like your space, kids like their space too. If a kid denies hugging you or coming close or shaking hand, don’t force them. Say hi from afar. It’s not about your ego, it’s about the child’s comfort. Always give a pleasant smile when they look at you. Let them know that you are not the boring, strict adult.

Its quite easy to figure kids. You just need to guess and find something they enjoy. Match their energy and respond when they approach you. Being moody will not get you anywhere. You have to give a nice smile. Do not scold or make fun of them when they do something, rather explain how things work. They need to feel secure to open up.

Song of the day!!

Boat by Ed Sheeran. A lovely, quiet song about staying strong.

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Comics are the real exit

Real life sucks bro 😦

One of the major reasons I like comics and animations is because you can get lost in them. They are another level of fun. You enter a completely new and different world, an unknown setting, with unseen people. There is no familiarity with the real world and it feels so mesmerising to watch. When the characters fight and the powers glow, you really do enter another dimension.

It is a comforting and relieving sight.

Truly away from the real life.

Song of the day!!

Greater Than One by Ericdoa & Valorant. Pleasant, fresh vibes with buttery vocals and smooth production.

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