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Raising my self-esteem #7

Maybe I need to start letting go…?

I always find it hard to think that people like me. It is a foreign concept for me. I have always stayed with one foot inside and the rest out the door.

Recently I have been getting involved more openly with new people, in a groupchat with students taking the same coaching as me for university entrance exams. I was on the verge of relapsing when I got the invite to join. The timing was so right. I was less apprehensive and decided to use my experience gathered on discord and just vibe. My mood turned better.

It has been going well so far. Better than I expected actually. People are actually replying to me, genuine questions as well as jokes. I chatted for more than an hour with everyone yesterday. I taught some people psychology today. People have saved my contacts, direct message me, and also ping me for my input.


I also confessed yesterday that I am never so open in a new group, but this one is actually nice. And it actually is so. Everyone is light hearted and open to things. And they are also ambitious and work when it’s time to work.

I am not rushing into anything. I am taking it slow and letting it play out as it is. There have been embarrassing moments, but with others also so I guess it’s fine. The trust issues are there, of course. I am constantly afraid if everyone hates me. But can’t really do anything except move on, right!

Maybe it won’t be as bad.

Song of the day!!

POS by Sueco. A song depicting the battle between the voices in the head. I love how it is executed.

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