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Why I have so many arcade games?

It isn’t news that I really like playing games. I have discussed different games in a couple blogs in the past. However I have recently made an observation that I want to share.

I love playing battlegrounds and action games but I don’t install them often because of time. I play racing games often because they have action and can be wound up quickly. However, I tend to switch between different arcade games almost constantly, like a pattern. And I think the reason is because I ALWAYS need something to occupy my hand, while presenting variety.

My mind is constantly racing and if I stop focusing on something, anxiety increases. Even if my mind is not into it, I need my hands to be occupied with some task.

For example, I join a class and have to wait for a bit, I need to do something in the meantime. At times I tidy up any clutter lying around, or I play a game.

If you tell me to play that same game in my free time, I won’t. Because my mind won’t be occupied enough and the overwhelming boulders will return.

I read comics at such times. My mind is fully occupied with the storyline and the art, and my hands are also busy scrolling.

Song of the day!!

Circles by Post Malone. Pleasant music with awesome lyricism and vocal delivery.

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