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Few tips on meeting people please?

Ok so I’m about to enter college soon and even though I am ready to meet new people and make real friends who I can truly rely on, I don’t know how.

Reflecting over my experiences, I get so overwhelmed in front of people that I just sit at a desk and not even look around. And this time I need to change it. Then I also need to be easygoing but not offensive. I am worried about snobby people who act like shit, which will ultimately cause me to snap. I don’t want to cause any scandals this time. I have had enough of them. Most of all, I should also be able to talk.

And I have no idea how to do any of that. Someone please give me tips because I really want to make this work this time. I am going to keep a book with me, of course, but I need more measures to not have an anxiety attack.😭😭😭

Song of the day!!

Changes by 2Pac ft. Talent. A reality-check track that deserves recognition for its lyrics and the vocals.

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