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Experiencing food shouldn’t be hard

But for many, it is.

It makes me wonder how people in one region of the world find another region’s food tasteless or weird.

People grow up being fed a particular type of cuisine and soon their taste buds develop so much that they lose the ability to really taste. I mean, what good is your tongue if it can’t relish varying flavors? It’s not here just to tell you if the curd is too sour or too sweet.

I am happy I do not bind myself to stable cultures and diets. I can experience the food wherever I go. I can really enjoy the world. Tbh being able to adapt is one of my best qualities. I take a lot of time in accepting things, but I am able to adapt and work on the whim.

Note: I don’t mean to mock anyone and am just sharing my opinion so don’t start any feuds with me. Thank you for reading!

Song of the day!!

Don’t Give Up by Zoe Wees. Heart wrenching lyrics, emotional vocals and we’ll thought music fusing together pleading you to not give up.

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2 thoughts on “Experiencing food shouldn’t be hard”

  1. Hi there! I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I adore your blog. It’s an amazing hub for anyone who is curious about cooking. I particularly enjoy your homestyle recipes and fast food suggestions, but your fried food ideas are also making my mouth water. I applaud your commitment to guiding people in their weight loss journey with insightful tips and tricks. Keep up the fantastic work, and I can’t wait to dive into more of your fabulous posts!

    Thanks again this was a great read

    Kerry Jenkins


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